Towards Resistance

May 2017

Towards Resistance

Towards Resistance is the first part in the series Allies for the Uncertain Futures. It was held at TIFA Working Studios from 27th May - 4th June. The exhibition opens entry points into critical discussions about the socio-political structures in India today. 13 artworks explored unlearning, subversion and solidarity as ways of resistance against oppressive power systems gaining force in India today. All the artists chosen have imbibed a sense of internalised resistance through their lives and practices, laying a framework for resistive action beyond the one-off street protest.   

Participating Artists:

Orijit Sen | Sundar Sarukkai | Ranjeet Singh | Aravani Art Project | Ragini Bhow | Aqui Thami | Rucha Kulkarni | Rahul Gudipudi | Nachiket Prakash | Shrenik Mutha | Gaya Tideman | | Ankit Uppal | Sweta Mantrii | Nalini Mangwani | Mayank Chauhan | Kiran Joan | Abu Sohel Khondekar | Students of FTII

The exhibition also consisted of a week-long series of events and performances co-curated by Hina Siddiqui