Others & I: Tales from Growing Up

November 2016

Others & I: Tales from Growing Up

'Others & I: Tales from Growing Up' is an attempt to bridge the acceptance gap between queer and heteronormative sections of society through the device of the personal story. The 10 pieces on display at the first edition pulled from artists' own personal stories or individual stories of those they had interacted with. Curator Shaunak Mahbubani worked with each of the artists to add interactive and relatable layers to the presentations of the works, breaking some of the boundaries between the spectator and the installation.

The show was first hosted at 1Shanthi Road Studio/Gallery in Bangalore, and supported by the Namma Pride Fund (November 2016). Parts of the show have also travelled to Poorna Learning Center in Jakkur, Bangalore as an introductory experience to start a conversation with the students there exploring alternate ideas of gender and sexuality.

Showcased Artists:

  • Abhijeet Rao
  • Anusha Raichur
  • Anusha Ravishankar
  • Avril Stormy Unger
  • Chan Arun Narendra
  • Debasmita Das
  • Kanika Agarwal
  • Mayank Chauhan
  • Shanizam
  • Vanika & Suvrita

Curator's Note

The womb is our transition between the warm comfort of oneness, and the harsh separation of inhabiting our human bodies. This marks the beginning of our chase for connectedness. We hone our identities, factionalising into smaller and smaller communities, forever seeking that all-enveloping sense of belonging. 

Others & I’ invites you to reflect on this illusion of separateness. While navigating stories told by the artists, look at not only the differences in each perspective, but the underlying commonalities of our human condition(ing). The elements of a forest seem rather loosely connected to an unacquainted eye, only revealing their true entanglement on study of the massive networks below ground and reaching the sky. Our entanglements are most vividly viewed within, using the seeds of stories to dissolve the separation of our sphere into the centre of our brows.

It’s incomplete to talk about separation and connectedness, without examining our privilege in doing so. Armed with a partial armour, do we sometimes hide behind its protection, denouncing and propagating, as per our convenience, this separation. 

Words and thoughts will create ripples, if only within your own mind. Be inclusive. Be kind.